Promoting Digestive Health Properties Assessment

Promoting Digestive Health Properties Assessment

It has been shown that certain functional foods and bioactive compounds can enhance overall gut health. Through Aprofood' services, you can access scientific evidence of the effectiveness of functional foods or bioactive compounds in promoting digestive health, guiding the optimization of formulations to create more effective and targeted functional foods.

Digestive and sensory responses to food ingestion.Fig 1. Digestive and sensory responses to food ingestion. (Livovsky DM., et al., 2020)

Ingredients with Digestive Health-promoting Properties

Numerous food ingredients have been studied for their digestive health-promoting potential. Common instances encompass the following categories.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (e.g., found in fatty fish, flaxseeds). Soluble and insoluble fibers aid in maintaining regular bowel movements and support a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Probiotics. Beneficial live microorganisms that can enhance gut microbiota balance, leading to improved digestion and immune function.
  • Prebiotics. Non-digestible food components that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Enzymes. Certain enzymes, like amylase, protease, and lipase, can aid in the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, respectively.
  • Polyphenols. Found in various fruits, vegetables, and herbs, polyphenols have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit digestive health.

Mechanisms of Action to Digestive Health-promoting

These mechanisms involve interactions at the cellular and molecular levels that collectively contribute to overall brain well-being. Some of the key mechanisms of action are as follows.

Improved Gut Microbiota Balance

Probiotics and prebiotics support the growth of beneficial bacteria while inhibiting harmful ones.

Enhanced Digestion

Enzymes aid in the breakdown of complex nutrients into more easily absorbable forms.

Reduced Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory compounds like polyphenols can help reduce inflammation in the gut.

Increased Stool Bulk

Dietary fiber can add bulk to stool, promoting regular bowel movements.

Protection of Gut Lining

Some bioactive compounds may strengthen the gut barrier, reducing the risk of gut permeability issues.

Our Service

Through comprehensive and scientifically rigorous methodologies that combine in vitro and in vivo testing, Aprofood helps assess the impact of functional food ingredients on gut barrier function, gut motility, and overall digestive health.

Service Process of Digestive Health-promoting Properties Assessment

Target Confirmation In Vitro Testing Data Analysis & Reporting Experimental Design In Vivo Testing Service Process

In Vitro Testing

Cell Culture Models. In vitro cell culture studies can be conducted using intestinal epithelial cell lines to assess the impact of the functional compounds on cellular processes related to gut health. This might involve evaluating cell viability, proliferation, and barrier integrity.

Microbiota Analysis. In vitro fermentation using fecal flora for investigating the influence of functional ingredients on intestinal flora composition and activity.

In Vivo Testing

Animal Model Selection. Select appropriate animal models based on their relevance to the gastrointestinal system of humans.

Treatment Design. Determine the dose and duration of administration of the ingredient to the animal model.

Biomarker & Histological Analysis. Specific biomarkers related to intestinal health can be analyzed. These may include markers of gut barrier function, inflammation, and gut microbiota composition.

Applications of Our Service

We can provide services on a variety of topics related to functional food research, including but not limited to the following aspects.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Interaction Dynamics.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Interaction Dynamics. Examining the symbiotic bond between prebiotics and probiotics to boost digestive health.

Gastrointestinal Immunomodulation.

Gastrointestinal Immunomodulation. Studying how functional food ingredients shape immune responses in the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutrigenomic Analysis for Digestive Wellness.

Nutrigenomic Analysis for Digestive Wellness. Unveiling genetic factors that dictate nutrient interactions with the digestive system.

Microbial Metabolite Profiles.

Microbial Metabolite Profiles. Investigating how microbial metabolites contribute to promoting a healthy digestive environment.

What Sets Us Apart?

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to lead in scientific innovation.

Holistic Systems Biology Approaches

Interdisciplinary Fusion

Integration of biology, chemistry, and nutrition expertise to comprehensively grasp digestive health.

Tailored Assay Development

Tailored Assay Development

Tailoring assays to meet the personalized needs of clients, guaranteeing targeted results in our analytical endeavors.

As an expert in the field of the food industry, Aprofood specializes in food ingredient supply as well as contract development of new ingredients. No matter what size of your business and where you're located, we'd like to work with you. Please feel free to contact us.


  1. Livovsky DM.; et al. Food, Eating, and the Gastrointestinal Tract. Nutrients. 2020, 12(4):986.
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