Natural Colors Development Service

Natural Colors Development Service

Natural colors provide rich, vibrant colors, which are essential for product appeal and recognition, and can influence consumer purchasing decisions. Aprofood offers natural color development to provide a wide variety of color choices for products, enhancing their appeal and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Fig 1. Extracting natural colors from Mentha leaves and Helianthus annuus.Fig 1. Extracting natural colors from Mentha leaves and Helianthus annuus. (Abdulrahman et al., 2022)

Benefits of Natural Colors

The main function of natural colors is to bring the corresponding color to the food, or to improve the original color of the food through the combination of pigments, to bring a strong visual appeal to the food.

  • High safety
    Natural colors come from animal and plant tissues, so they are generally safe for human beings.
  • Nutritional value
    Some natural colors are a kind of nutrient itself, with nutritional effects, and some also have certain pharmacological effects.
  • Natural coloring
    Natural colors can better imitate the color of natural substances, and the tone of coloring is more natural.

Our Service

Aprofood provides natural color development and optimization to meet consumer demand for natural, healthy foods that replace synthetic colors, provide nutritional value, enhance product appeal, and promote sustainability.

Service Options Description

Chlorophyll Development

Chlorophyll is a glycol ester formed by the condensation of chlorophyllic acid, chlorophyll alcohol and methanol. Chlorophyll is widely found in leaves, fruits and algae of higher plants and is bound to proteins in living organisms. Chlorophyll is obtained by extracting it from natural plants and then developing formulations according to the needs of food formulations to ensure that the chlorophyll is evenly distributed in the food product without affecting the taste and quality of the product.

Heme Development

Heme is a cofactor of hemoglobin, which is found in the blood and muscle chromoproteins of higher animals. Heme is not only used as a coloring agent, but also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities, which give food products a variety of functions in the development process.

Anthocyanins Development

Anthocyanins exist in the form of glycosides in the cytosol of plants and are the main cause of the coloration of plant flowers, leaves, stems and fruits. The development of anthocyanins requires the screening of raw materials, the development of extraction and purification techniques, and the expansion of their applications after completing the evaluation.

In addition to the above types of natural colors development, we also provide services such as flavonoid pigments, reddish pigments development.

Optimization Services for Natural Colors

Natural colors have the disadvantage of low stability due to their own characteristics, which can be optimized by adding stabilizers, microencapsulation, and other means.

Fig 2. Addition of stabilizers

Addition of stabilizers

Offering services for natural colors stability enhancement, which can be accomplished by adding antioxidants and preservatives.

Fig 3. Microcapsule carrier

Microcapsule carrier

Microencapsulation of natural colors insulates them from the outside world, while increasing the solubility of the color and masking odors.

Fig 4. Cochromatization


Offering cochromatization of natural colors, where natural colors with low stability are conformed to other ingredients to improve their stability.

Why Choose Us?

Fig 5. Professional and well-trained core technical team

Professional and well-trained core technical team.

Fig 6. Advanced experimental equipment

Advanced experimental equipment.

Fig 7. Trustworthy company

We are a trustworthy company.

Fig 8. Strict quality control system

Strict quality control system.

Aprofood is committed to providing customers with alternative food ingredient development and its characterization services, if you are interested in our service program, feel free to contact us.


  1. Abdulrahman, Z. H.; et al. Comparative Performances of Natural Dyes Extracted from Mentha Leaves, Helianthus Annuus Leaves, and Fragaria Fruit for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Designs. 2022, 6(6): 100.
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