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Your food development requires customized solutions, not just ingredients!

Aprofood’ Innovative Food Solutions.

Food and beverage companies across the globe are continuously introducing novel product types to capture the attention of consumers. Market trends indicate that the simple concept of ingredient supply and demand is increasingly failing to meet the needs of the industry's increasingly complex range of products and services, and it is being replaced by a model that aims to satisfy customers' needs through more tailored, value-added products and services.

Each customer's needs are unique, so in many cases end-user companies often look to their ingredient suppliers to develop targeted solutions for them. Aprofood has extensive experience in the food sector, gaining insight into the purpose behind your products and drawing inspiration from our specialists to deliver high-quality, customized solutions that allow you to get the most out of your business.

Find the ideal innovative solution for your project by exploring the available options below.

Discover Our Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions support the development of a wide range of food and beverage categories. Whether you are looking to develop a novel product or seek nutritional, functional or sensory optimization for your existing formulations, and whether you are a start-up company just entering the food industry or a food manufacturer looking to innovate and transform your products, choose Aprofood to be your partner in achieving business success.

Our Solution Process

Project consulting

Market research

Ingredient selection

Formulation design

Product validation

Optimization & delivery

Why Choose Us?

Our strengths lie in having a sustainable ingredient sourcing and supply chain, specialized food science expertise, an innovative approach to raw material development, custom formulation technology, and rigorous analytical techniques.



We partner with trusted suppliers to ensure access to the full range of quality raw materials necessary for food development.



We are constantly exploring new ingredients and processing techniques to expand the range of food ingredient choices.

Major food bioactive compounds sources, health benefits and applications.


With extensive knowledge of nutritional science, we develop precise formulations that meet specific dietary requirements.

Major food bioactive compounds sources, health benefits and applications.


Verify the nutritional content, health benefits, and bioavailability of products to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

Aprofood is your trusted partner. Our detail-oriented team is dedicated to cutting-edge research insights that ensure a seamless transition from concept to commercialization, giving you an edge in the marketplace. If you are looking for a relevant solution, please contact us.

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