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Specialty food ingredients are typically added to food or beverage substrates to obtain the desired preservation, texture, emulsification, flavor and color results, and to help process and provide additional health dimensions to the produced foods. They are all key to guaranteeing that consumers have access to a wide range of food products. Aprofood provides a comprehensive range of specialty food ingredients as well as ingredient development services to support our customers' food innovations.

Why Develop Specialty Food Ingredients?

Currently, the food ingredients market is constantly driven by various pressures ranging from ever-increasing consumer health demands, the stringent regulatory environment, and ethical concerns, to growing market competitiveness, price sensitivity, industry consolidation, and raw material availability. In such an environment, the success of ingredient businesses depends on their ability to effectively respond to the demands for development and innovation. Increasingly, ingredient suppliers are seeing the diversification of the food industry and seeking ever-stronger product positioning to meet this challenge.

Fig 1. Food ingredients industry trends.Fig 1. Food raw material industry trends and the main enablers. (Hassoun A, et al., 2022)

In addition, the large amount of industrial wastes and by-products generated during the food manufacturing process is not properly utilized, causing serious environmental stress and pollution. To reduce pollution while adding value, the conversion of the by-products into a good source of food ingredients has become one of the current research hotspots in the food sector.

As Your Partner in Food Ingredients Development

If you want to expand or innovate your food ingredients to differentiate your range, or if you don't have any products yet but want to enter the food market, Aprofood is your partner of choice for food product development. We can identify, select, characterize, optimize and develop products for various target applications.

Our Advantages

Specialized Labs

Advanced laboratory equipment and professional analytical team enable fast and reliable testing and analysis.

Accurate Analysis

Provide you with analytical services in accordance with various regulatory standards and regulations.

Confidentiality Agreement

We can sign with a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality of the samples and analytical results.

Launching a food or beverage product requires more than just ingredients, you also need a partner to help develop new concept ingredients and leverage them to develop innovative products that resonate with today's consumers. Aprofood is a reliable partner, and we promise you unparalleled one-stop service from raw material supply and innovation, formulation design and application to allow you an edge in the marketplace by addressing major consumers' health and lifestyle needs.


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