Immunomodulatory Activity Assessment

Immunomodulatory Activity Assessment

The purpose of functional food ingredient immunomodulatory activity verification is to determine whether certain foods or ingredients are capable of positively modulating immune system function and improving overall health. Aprofood' verification services can help make accurate health claims about your immune-support-related products, ensuring their safety and efficacy.

Bioactive compounds found in foods boost our immune system.Fig 1. Bioactive compounds found in foods boost our immune system. (Maheshwari S, et al.,2022)

Ingredients with Immunoregulatory Activity

Various natural ingredients have shown potential immunoregulatory activity, including but not limited to

  • Beta-glucans
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Polyphenols

Mechanisms of Immunoregulatory Action

The immunoregulatory activity of functional food ingredients can work through various mechanisms.

Modulating Cytokine Production

Influencing the production and release of cytokines, which are crucial in immune signaling.

Enhancing Phagocytosis

Enhancing the activity of macrophages, which engulf and eliminate pathogens.

Supporting Gut Health

A significant portion of the immune system resides in the gut, and some ingredients can promote a healthy gut environment, positively impacting immunity.

Regulating T-cell Function

T-cells are essential for adaptive immunity, and certain ingredients can influence their activity and differentiation.

Our Service

Using cell culture models and animal models, Aprofood conducts in vitro and in vivo assays to examine the effects of functional food ingredients on specific immune cells and cytokines, as well as their immunomodulatory activity and potential side effects.

Service Process of Immunoregulatory Activity Assessment

Target Confirmation In Vitro Testing Data Analysis & Reporting Experimental Design In Vivo Testing Service Process

In Vitro Testing Method

  • Cell Culture Preparation. Select immune cell lines or primary immune cells as needed and culture them in appropriate conditions.
  • Dose Optimization & Incubation. Determine the appropriate concentrations of the subject ingredients and expose immune cells to the test substance at specified concentrations for a defined period.
  • Measurement of Immune Response. Assess the impact of the ingredient on immune cell proliferation, cytokine production, phagocytic activity, or other relevant parameters using various assays (e.g., ELISA, flow cytometry).

In Vivo Testing Method

  • Animal Model Selection. Choose an animal model based on the targeted immune response you want to assess.
  • Treatment Design. Determine suitable dosages and duration of administer based on human equivalent doses and toxicity studies.
  • Biomarker & Histological Analysis. Specific indicators assessed include immune cell populations, cytokines, immunoglobulin levels, cell-mediated immune responses, phagocytic activity of immune cells, gut-associated immune responses, and histopathological examination of immune organs.

Applications of Our Service

We have the ability to provide services for a wide variety of food-related research segments, including but not limited to the following.

  • Functional Foods. Optimizing ingredients to develop immune-boosting functional food products for enhanced health benefits.
  • Dietary Supplements. Scientifically validating the efficacy of immune-supportive supplements to ensure heightened effectiveness.
  • Nutraceuticals. Validating the immunomodulatory potential of natural compounds for nutraceutical applications, ensuring their efficacy in immune modulation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Cutting-edge Analytical Techniques

Cutting-edge Analytical Techniques

We employ cutting-edge tools, like mass spectrometry and genomics, for unparalleled precision in our assessments.

Holistic Systems Biology Approaches

Holistic Systems Biology Approaches

Understanding immune modulation through comprehensive systems biology, unraveling intricate networks.

Cutting-edge Lab Facilities

Tailored Assay Development

Crafting assays tailored to client needs, guaranteeing targeted and insightful results in our analytical endeavors.

As a specialist in the food industry, Aprofood specializes in the supply of food ingredients and the contract development of new ingredients. We have also launched a range of services covering the wider field of functional food and dietary research. From elucidating molecular mechanisms to evaluating safety, our products meet the complex needs of our clients at the forefront of health science. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


  1. Maheshwari S.; et al. Immunomodulatory potential of phytochemicals and other bioactive compounds of fruits: A review. Food Frontiers. 2022, 3(2): 221-238.
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