Solution for Beverage

Solution for Beverage

Aprofood provides comprehensive beverage development solutions tailored to the unique needs of food innovation companies. With a focus on cutting-edge research and development, we offer expert guidance and support throughout the entire product development process.

Market Trends in Beverage Development

Fig 1. Market Trends in Beverage Development.

Trends in the beverage industry are driven by two core factors, firstly changing consumer preferences and secondly emerging technologies. Current hotspots mainly include the development of functional, low-sugar, all-natural, novel flavors and plant-based alternatives to appeal to more health-conscious consumers. In addition, there is a growing interest in sustainable packaging solutions and eco-friendly practices as a result of the increasing focus on reducing carbon footprint and food waste. In order to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving environment, many companies are continuing to utilize innovative technological innovations and diversification of their product offerings to develop unique and marketable products.


Aprofood specializes in assisting food development companies in creating a diverse range of beverage products, including juices, teas, energy drinks, functional beverages, and more, by providing comprehensive support throughout the product development lifecycle.

Fig 2. How We Make Your Beverage Differentiate?

With expertise in formulation development, flavor optimization, ingredient sourcing and regulatory compliance, we are committed to achieving the following formulation goals.

  • Improve mouthfeel and texture
  • Increase beverage stability
  • Deliver healthful products
  • Clean up your label
  • Reduce your costs

Fig 3. Beverage Types We Can Develop.

Aprofood meets consumer demand for beverages with less sugar, more nutrients, better functionality, more flavor variety, and cleaner labels. Our solutions are robust enough to help you address the challenges in product development, including but not limited to the following beverage types.

  • Beers and alcoholic beverages with optimal alcohol content and sweetness.
  • Low-calorie, texture-stabilized, taste-enhanced coffee and tea.
  • Low-sugar, nutritionally fortified dairy beverages and dairy alternative beverages.
  • Unique flavors, low-sugar and functional carbonated beverages.

Fig 4. Our Ingredient & Additives Options.

Our solutions include a broad portfolio of ingredients and additives to meet formulation goals.

  • A wide range of fermentable carbohydrates to meet the needs of fermented beverage development.
  • Soluble fiber and plant proteins to enhance the health and nutritional attributes of beverages.
  • Efficient sweetener blends for low-calorie, low-cost beverages that maintain great taste.
  • Beverage emulsifiers and suspending agents for texture and stability.
  • Botanical extracts and aromas enrich beverage flavor and color.

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Aprofood' comprehensive beverage development solutions are designed to help food innovation companies capitalize on market opportunities and stay ahead of industry trends. Whether you are looking to create a new product from scratch or improve an existing formulation, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in bringing your beverage ideas to life.

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