Alternative Sweeteners Development Service

Alternative Sweeteners Development Service

Alternative sweeteners are used in place of traditional sugars to provide a sweet flavor but are low in calories. Aprofood, in collaboration with experts from a variety of disciplines, assists clients in the development and analysis of alternative sweeteners, provides optimization of sweetener formulations, and conducts safety assessments.

Fig 1. Picture of alternative sweeteners

Why Choose Alternative Sweeteners?

Alternative sweeteners have the advantage of being derived from natural substances, which is more in line with consumer preference for natural and organic foods, as well as having some additional functions such as anti-caries, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

  • Low calorie
    Alternative sweeteners often have fewer or no calories than traditional sugars.
  • Controlled sweetness intensity
    Alternative sweeteners are often sweeter than sugar, so you need to use less to achieve the same sweetness effect.
  • Increase product stability
    Some alternative sweeteners have high heat resistance and stability, allowing them to maintain a stable sweetness profile during food processing and storage.

Our Service

Aprofood provides development services for many types of alternative sweeteners. Additionally, we provide safety evaluations of our products to ensure that you can safely and securely use alternative sweeteners in a dosage range.

Service Options Description

Stevia Development Services

The extracted stevia needs to be evaluated for sweetness characteristics, including sweetness intensity and persistence. Then, based on the results of the sweetness property assessment, stevia is optimized and adjusted to improve its sweetness properties.

Xylitol Development Services

Xylitol is obtained by extraction from a variety of plant sources, such as birch wood fiber, corn or other plants with a high cellulose content. The extracted xylitol needs to be characterized and analyzed so that the optimal use and application of xylitol can be determined.

Aspartame Development Services

The development of aspartame requires the control of the content and the completion of safety tests in accordance with the regulations and requirements to ensure that it complies with the food regulations of each country and region.

Saccharin Development Services

Saccharin is obtained by chemical synthesis and is produced by chemical reaction of raw materials. Evaluations such as toxicology studies, tolerance studies, and long-term safety assessments need to be conducted on saccharin to ensure its safety. Marketing and promotional activities are needed to increase consumer awareness and acceptance of saccharin before its introduction to the market.

Sucralose Development Services

Sucralose is a semi-natural and semi-synthetic product derived from sucrose by deoxygenation and chlorination. The development of sucralose needs to consider the suitable population and customize a reliable solution for them based on research in the market. In addition, due to its wide range of functions, sucralose can continue to expand its applications in a number of areas to maximize its functionality as much as possible.

Safety Assessment Services of Alternative Sweeteners

Toxicology studies
Toxicology studies need to be conducted on alternative sweeteners to assess their toxic response in animals.

Safe dose determination
After completing the above two items, a safe dose range can be determined.

Fig 3. Professional and well-trained core technical team

Tolerance assessment
This assessment is primarily used to consider the dose range and tolerance of alternative sweeteners in humans.

Long-term safety assessment
To ensure the safety of alternative sweeteners, long-term safety assessment is essential.

Why Choose Us?

Fig 5. Professional and well-trained core technical team

Professional and well-trained core technical team.

Fig 6. Advanced experimental equipment

Advanced experimental equipment.

Fig 7. Trustworthy company

We are a trustworthy company.

Fig 8. Strict quality control system

Strict quality control system.

Alternative sweeteners are an objective consumer trend, and we are developing and producing them in the direction of healthy, functional alternative foods to extend the industrial chain. Aprofood is committed to providing customers with alternative food ingredient development and its characterization services, if you are interested in our service program, feel free to contact us.

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