Solution for Food Texture Improving

Solution for Food Texture Improving

Aprofood provides innovative additive-based solutions to enhance food texture and physical stability, meeting the needs of food development and innovation companies. We specialize in developing scientific formulations for a wide range of food products, aiming to revolutionize the industry through advanced scientific methods and cutting-edge technology.

Importance of Food Texture

Food texture properties refer to the physical characteristics of a food product, including hardness, consistency, elasticity and structure as perceived by the senses at the time of consumption, which determine the palatability, appearance and shelf life of the product and seriously affect the consumer's acceptance and sensory experience of the food product. Therefore, improving food texture contributes to the market competitiveness and profitability of food manufacturers, which makes texture one of the key factors in food development and marketing. A prominent area of current research is the development of novel ingredients and processing techniques to enhance texture and stability without compromising nutritional quality or sensory attributes. Researchers are also investigating the use of advanced analytical methods, such as microscopy, rheology and spectroscopy, to better understand the molecular and structural mechanisms of texture and stability in food systems.

Fig 1. Food textural characteristicsFig 1. Food textural characteristics. (Stribiţcaia E, et al., 2020)

Innovative Solutions

Aprofood provides customized texturing solutions. By utilizing advanced technology and expertise in food science, we research and innovate sustainable ingredients and formulation technologies. We are committed to superior food taste and texture stability, meeting the taste, visual and labeling needs of your applications and changing consumer preferences.

How We Improve Food Texture?

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative and sustainable ingredients and additive solutions tailored to various food types.

Fig 2. Bakery Products

Bakery Products
Strike the ideal equilibrium between softness and chewiness in bread, cakes, and pastries through our specialized enzyme formulations. These enzymes bolster dough elasticity, fostering superior crumb structure, thereby enhancing texture and prolonging shelf life.

Fig 3. Dairy Products

Dairy Products
Use our distinctive blend of stabilizers and emulsifiers to enrich the creaminess and mouthfeel of dairy products like yogurts, ice creams, and cheeses. These additives ensure consistent texture, ward off syneresis, and deliver a seamless sensory encounter.

Fig 4. Meat and Poultry

Meat and Poultry
Fine-tune the juiciness and tenderness of meat and poultry offerings with our functional protein solutions. These additives safeguard moisture, trim cooking loss, and amplify texture, all while preserving natural flavor profiles.

Fig 5. Snacks and Confectionery

Snacks and Confectionery
Uplift the crunchiness and crispiness of snacks and confectionery delights using our specialized coating agents and fat replacers. These ingredients fashion an enticing mouthfeel, heighten sensory perception, and augment overall product caliber.

Fig 6. Beverages

Enrich the viscosity, mouth-coating sensation, and suspension properties of beverages such as smoothies, juices, and protein drinks with our tailored thickening agents and stabilizers. These additives ensure uniform texture and thwart sedimentation, thereby enriching and imbibing indulgence.

Fig 7. Plant-Based Alternatives

Plant-Based Alternatives
Craft superior texture in plant-based meat substitutes, dairy alternatives, and gluten-free offerings with our plant-derived functional ingredients. These additives emulate the texture of conventional animal-based products, furnishing consumers with a sustainable and ethical alternative.

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Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and expertise in food science, Aprofood provides tailored solutions to address specific challenges and enhance overall product quality. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your food development initiatives and drive innovation in the industry.


  1. Stribiţcaia E.; et al. Food texture influences on satiety: systematic review and meta-analysis. Sci Rep. 2020, 10:12929.
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