Natural Preservatives Development Service

Natural Preservatives Development Service

Natural preservatives are substances secreted by living organisms or existing in the body with antibacterial effect, which are artificially extracted or processed to become food preservatives. Aprofood provides high-quality natural preservatives development service for our customers, and provides the corresponding optimization of the solution for the development service.

Why Use Natural Preservatives?

The ingredients of natural preservatives are derived from natural substances. They are not only non-toxic to the human body, but can also enhance the flavor and quality of food.

  • Renewability
    Natural preservatives can be obtained from renewable sources. Generally, they can be regenerated through sustainable methods such as planting and cultivation, reducing dependence on finite resources.
  • Wide variety of sources
    Natural preservatives are derived from plants, animals, microorganisms, etc., which can bring many possibilities to customers' choices.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Natural preservatives typically have less negative impact on the environment during their preparation and use. In contrast, some synthetic preservatives may produce harmful by-products or pollute the environment.

Our Service

Aprofood' development services for natural preservatives include appropriate extraction, purification and evaluation methods to ensure the safety, stability and efficacy of the natural preservative. In addition, we perform rational formulation design optimization. The types of natural preservative development we offer include, but are not limited to the following.

Development of Pectin Digests

The development of pectin digests requires comprehensive consideration of several factors, such as composition, properties, safety, and market demand. We can develop various applications based on the properties and functions of pectin digests, including thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers, etc. in the food industry.

Development of Chitosan

The development of chitosan includes chitosan cross-linking modification, chitosan acylation modification and chitosan esterification modification, through which its antibacterial properties can be improved.

Chitosan crosslinking modification

Chitosan is linked to specific cross-linking agents, giving it a wide range of properties that can expand its applications.

Chitosan acylation modification

The acylation modification of chitosan affects its original properties to a certain extent, which needs to be adjusted and optimized appropriately in the application.

Chitosan esterification modification

Before carrying out esterification modification, sufficient research and experimental validation are required to determine the optimal esterification reagent and reaction conditions.

Development of Propolis

Propolis has various biological functions in terms of antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The development of propolis is carried out by taking the optimization extraction methods, purification methods and preparation processes, which can save resources and also obtain high-quality propolis products.

Why Choose Us?

Fig 5. Professional and well-trained core technical team

Professional and well-trained core technical team.

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Advanced experimental equipment.

Fig 7. Trustworthy company

We are a trustworthy company.

Fig 8. Strict quality control system

Strict quality control system.

With professional food development platforms, Aprofood is committed to providing customers with alternative food ingredient development and its characterization services. If you are interested in our service program, feel free to contact us.

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