Dietary Fibers Development Service

Dietary Fibers Development Service

Dietary fiber refers to the indigestible components of plant-based foods that provide various health benefits when incorporated into foods, mainly carbohydrate polymers such as cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and pectin. Aprofood is constantly engaged in basic scientific research and can provide you with dietary fiber development services.

Sources and Diversity of Dietary Fibers

The natural source with high dietary fiber content includes cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. In general, fruit skins, seeds, berries, and the bran layers of cereal grains contain higher concentrations of fiber than the remainder of these foods. And with continuous advances in food science, more and more carbohydrates have been added to the list of isolated, or synthetic, dietary fibers, those include β-glucan soluble fiber, psyllium husk, cellulose, guar gum, pectin, etc. The physicochemical properties and biological activity of different dietary fibers vary depending on their source and processing methods (Fig 1).

Fig 1. Factors affecting the diversity of dietary fibers.Fig 1. Factors affecting the diversity of dietary fibers. (Khorasaniha R, et al., 2023)

Our Service

By optimizing dietary fiber isolation methods and modifying dietary fiber structure and functionality, Aprofood aims to help clients develop novel fibers with unique properties and health benefits from food waste, by-products, and other desired sources.

Process of Dietary Fibers Development


Identify and select potential fiber sources based on their composition, availability, and functional properties. Factors such as fiber content, solubility, viscosity and stability will be considered.


Extraction to obtain the fiber-rich fractions. We help to select proper extraction methods, such as physical processes like grinding, sieving, and pressing, as well as chemical methods such as enzymatic or chemical treatments.


Impurities and unwanted substances are removed from the extracted fibers by washing, filtering, and centrifuging to obtain a clean fiber product.


Modification of dietary fibers to enhance their properties depending on the desired functional properties. Modification methods include enzymatic treatment, chemical cross-linking, or physical treatments like milling or micronization.


The modified fibers are characterized to assess their physicochemical properties, such as particle size, viscosity, water-holding capacity, and gelation. This helps to determine the suitability of the fibers for specific food products.

Developing a mature dietary fiber product requires characterization of its safety and performance, verification of its bioactive function, as well as investigation of its formulation techniques for food application and its compatibility with food matrices. Here you can get a one-stop service for product development.

Why Choose Us?

Fig 2. Wide Range of Ingredients.

Wide Range of Ingredients

We are a one-stop shop for all types of food ingredients.

Fig 3. Customized Formulation Portfolio.

Innovative Program

We have a systematic development program to meet innovation needs.

Fig 4. Innovative Program.

Customized Formulation Portfolio

We develop customized additive combinations to optimize value for all types of foods and beverages.

Fig 5. Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance

We have the highest standards of production and quality testing procedures.

Aprofood is a reliable partner for you, we provide you with high-quality food ingredients and help you find the optimal solution for food development and innovation. Please contact us for more information on developing your business.


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