Bioactive Peptides Development Service

Bioactive Peptides Development Service

Bioactive peptides are short chains of amino acids. It has been identified that, in addition to their basic nutritional value, they can exert specific physiological effects, such as promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Consequently, there is a growing commercial interest in developing bioactive peptides from a variety of sources and applying them to different functional food formulations. Aprofood is constantly engaged in basic sciences research and can provide you with BPs development services.

Sources of Bioactive Peptides

Bioactive peptides can be derived from various sources, such as plants, animals, marine organisms, and microorganisms. There is a growing focus on food as a source of bioactive peptides, which is based on two major criteria (1) utilization of the added value of protein-abundant food industry by-products, and (2) utilization of proteins with specific peptide sequences or amino acid residues that have particular pharmacological benefits.

Food sources of bioactive peptides typically include numerous proteins such as milk proteins, egg and meat muscle proteins, pulses, oat, wheat, hemp seed, canola, flaxseed, fish, algae and microalgae.

Fig 1. Effect of different operational conditions and parameters on properties of bioactive peptides.Fig 1. Effect of different operational conditions and parameters on properties of bioactive peptides. (Peighambardoust S H, et al., 2021)

Stability Studies of Bioactive Peptides

Bioactive peptides are susceptible to enzymatic degradation, high temperatures, and pH variations (Fig 1). Studying and enhancing the stability of bioactive peptides is crucial for their use in various applications, such as food or pharmaceutical formulations. However, there is still a lack of suitable techniques for preserving or enhancing the activity of bioactive peptides in food systems, which limits the study of bioactive peptides as well as their industrialized production.

Our Service

We specialize in the expansion of bioactive peptide sources, optimization of isolation methods and stability studies.

Process of Bioactive Peptides Development

Screening of Sources

Identifying potential protein sources rich in bioactive peptides, such as animal by-products, plant proteins, or microbial sources.

Extraction & Releasing

Extracting and releasing bioactive peptides from the selected sources. It is extremely important to select the most appropriate preparation methods to obtain the target bioactive peptides economically and effectively.

Purification & Identification

The hydrolysate was purified, peptides were isolated and concentrated, and then identified and quantified. We offer techniques such as solid phase extraction, ultrafiltration, ion exchange chromatography or membrane separation to achieve that.


Determining the structure, sequence, and physicochemical properties using mass spectrometry, chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance or other analytical techniques.

Developing a mature bioactive peptide product requires characterization of its safety and performance, verification of its bioactive function, as well as investigation of its formulation techniques for food application and its compatibility with food matrices. Here you can get a one-stop service for product development.

Why Choose Us?

Fig 2. Wide Range of Ingredients.

Wide Range of Ingredients

We are a one-stop shop for all types of food ingredients.

Fig 3. Customized Formulation Portfolio.

Innovative Program

We have a systematic development program to meet innovation needs.

Fig 4. Innovative Program.

Customized Formulation Portfolio

We develop customized additive combinations to optimize value for all types of foods and beverages.

Fig 5. Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance

We have the highest standards of production and quality testing procedures.

Aprofood is a reliable partner for you, we provide you with high-quality food ingredients and help you find the optimal solution for food development and innovation. Please contact us for more information on developing your business.


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