Solution for Food Spoilage Control

Solution for Food Spoilage Control

Aprofood offers comprehensive food spoilage control solutions, including innovative preservatives and formulation programs that prevent microbial spoilage and enzymatic reactions to extend shelf life and improve quality, to meet the evolving needs of food development and innovation companies.

What is Food Spoilage Control?

Food spoilage control is a growing concern for both consumers and the food industry. Food spoilage is defined as an undesirable change in taste, texture, odor, appearance and nutritional value of food due to microbial growth, enzymatic reactions or chemical changes. Food preservatives play a vital role in preventing or slowing down the spoilage process, extending the shelf life of foods and maintaining their safety and quality by inhibiting microbial growth, oxidative reactions or enzymatic activity. Designing effective preservation strategies is becoming increasingly important, driven by consumer demands for healthier, fresher, more convenient and more sustainable products. Research trends indicate a shift towards novel preservation techniques such as natural and clean-label preservatives, eco-friendly packaging, high-pressure treatments, and pulsed electric fields, which provide opportunities for innovation and market growth.

Fig 1. Hot Spots in Food Oxidation Control Research.Fig 1. Factors contributing to food spoilage and deterioration. (Azad Z R A A, et al., 2019)

Innovative Solutions

By utilizing innovative technologies rooted in the principles of food science, Aprofood provides effective and sustainable solutions that incorporate innovative preservative control measures to meet changing consumer needs and market trends.

How We Control Food Spoilage?

Different types of food require specific preservation measures based on their unique characteristics. Aprofood' solutions for food spoilage control across a wide range of food types, including but not limited to the following aspects.

Fig 2. Processed Meat Spoilage Control

Processed Meat Spoilage Control
Inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli as well as spoilage microorganisms such as Pseudomonas and Lactobacillus. Our approach includes organic acids and their salts preservatives solution and natural plant antimicrobials solution to effectively prevent microbial spoilage in meat products without altering the sensory properties.

Fig 3. Dairy Food Spoilage Control

Dairy Food Spoilage Control
Control the proliferation of spoilage bacteria (e.g., Lactococcus) and yeast in dairy products. Our approach includes lactostreptide preservative solution to achieve inhibition of the growth of gram-positive bacteria in dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, and lactoperoxidase preservative solution to promote milk preservation through the production of antimicrobial compounds.

Fig 4. Bakery Food Spoilage Control

Bakery Food Spoilage Control
Delaying mold growth to prevent spoilage. Our approach includes using new cultured wheat flour containing natural antimicrobial peptides to inhibit mold growth in baked goods.

Fig 5. Fruit and Vegetable Spoilage Control

Fruit and Vegetable Spoilage Control
Slows enzymatic browning, controls microbial growth and maintains the textural integrity of fruits and vegetables. Our approach includes customized calcium chloride or ascorbic acid preservative solutions to slow spoilage of fruits such as apples and bananas. As well as customized edible coating solutions of chitosan or alginate and essential oils to control microbial spoilage.

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Aprofood' solution for food spoilage control provides tailored strategies to meet diverse requirements, driving innovation and competitiveness in the food industry. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can enhance your product offering and expand its market reach.


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