Aprofood Supplies Specialty Food Ingredients

Fig 1. Aprofood Supplies Specialty Food Ingredients.

Specialty food ingredients are typically added to food or beverage substrates to obtain the desired preservation, texture, emulsification, flavor and color results, and to help process and provide additional health dimensions to the produced foods. They are all key to guaranteeing that consumers have access to a wide range of food products.

Aprofood provides high-quality specialty food ingredients for applications in a wide range of food categories, from bakery, dairy, beverage and confectionery to nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, and our products are categorized into four main groups based on their function in processed foods as follows.

Functional Food Ingredients

Functional ingredients are bioactive compounds that have the potential to affect health and go beyond their basic nutritional value, and are used in the manufacture of functional foods, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and so on. These ingredients include prebiotics, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, etc.

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Fig 2. Functional Food Ingredients.
Fig 3. Food Technological Additives.

Food Technological Additives

Food technology additives include chemical substances such as preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, etc., which are usually added in small quantities to processed foods in order to achieve specific technological objectives such as enhancing safety, improving food texture and extending shelf life.

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Food Sensory Additives

Sensory additives are substances used to improve the organoleptic properties of food such as flavor, color, and mouthfeel, including colorants, sweeteners, and aromatizers, etc. These substances include both natural and synthetic sources.

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Fig 4. Food Sensory Additives.

Aprofood provides a comprehensive range of specialized food ingredients, ensuring safety and sustainable supply. And we continue to expand our product range to meet our customers' current and future evolving food innovation needs. If you are in need of a related product, please find it in the search box at the top of this page or contact us directly.

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